IMPACT Awards 2020 Grant to Raphah Institute

Raphah Institute Awarded $90,000 grant

75 women gathered Thursday November 12 to vote on the non-profit to receive Impact100 Nashville’s first ever $90,000 grant.  The recipient of this year’s grant is Raphah Institute in the category of ending the cycle by helping communities heal from social harm.  To learn more about their work, see

Raphah is a Hebrew verb that means “to heal”. It literally means to mend by stitching, very much like you would repair a torn garment. This is the vision and work of Raphah Institute. Structural and systemic defects in a community can leave many people tattered and torn – ripped – with very few healthy options to cope. Without opportunities for healing or transformation, the result is generational cycles of harm. What if we could confront those defects and interrupt those complicated, layered cycles? Raphah believes we can interrupt the complicated layers of damage by working together and focusing on restoration, repair, and healing to help people thrive.

Congratulations to all applicants for the outstanding work you are doing in the greater Nashville area community.