Impact100 Nashville’s goal is to provide high-impact grants that reach under-served populations, support nonprofits, and highlight unmet needs in our community. Through grant-making, we invest in nonprofits financially and by partnering with them to familiarize ourselves with their programs, services, and the communities they serve. In return, our partners assure us our process allows them to think bigger and more strategically about the work they do and the impact they have.

2020 Grant Recipient:




Focus Area:

Ending the Cycle


Raphah Institute helps communities heal from social harm by confronting its root causes. Raphah is a Hebrew verb that literally means to mend by stitching, very much like a torn garment would be repaired. Structural and system defects in a community can leave many people tattered and torn with few healthy options for coping. Without opportunities for healing or transformation, the result is generational cycles of harm. Raphah believes we can interrupt the complicated layers of damage by working together and focusing on restoration, repair, and healing to help people thrive. Says CEO, Travis Claybrooks, “When people have what they need to thrive, they will. It is our collective responsibility to love each other enough that we all thrive. That is justice.”

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