Become an IMPACTFUL Corporate Sponsor

Inspire and lead your industry by becoming a Corporate Sponsor of our dynamic organization! We have donated almost $1 million in grants to non-profits serving our Greater Nashville community! We are a 100% volunteer organization and 100% of our membership dollars go to our grants. Achieving our mission is contingent upon the generous support of our sponsors. You can empower our work through:

  1. Financial sponsorship
  2. In-kind sponsorship
  3. Member sponsorship of underserved women

As a financial sponsor, we offer the following options:

Platinum Level: $10,000

  • Gold level benefits plus
  • FOUR Impact100 memberships for your delegates ($4,000 VALUE)
  • Presenting sponsor at either The Big Reveal or The Voting Event

Gold Level: $5,000

  • Silver level benefits plus
  • TWO Impact100 memberships for your delegates ($2,000 VALUE)
  • Impact100 Nashville website recognition
  • Participation at Grant Recipient check signing ceremony

Silver Level: $2,500

  • Bronze level PLUS
  • Print media and social media recognition
  • ONE Impact100 membership for your delegate ($1,000 VALUE)

Bronze Level: $1,000

  • Recognition at sponsored event or relevant print and social media

In-kind sponsors make our events successful by donating goods and services such as: catering of food and beverages, office space for events and meetings, and audio/visual, tech, printing, marketing, and accounting support. In-kind sponsors receive recognition and gratitude at events and on our website, social media channels, and newsletters.

Member sponsorship benefits women who would not otherwise afford the $1,000 membership. Through your sponsorship, these women can experience the comradery of the group, the selection process of reviewing proposals, the authority of decision-making, and joy of contributing to the greater good of our grantees in the community. It is meant to help nurture and empower them to be confident contributors and leaders.

For information about sponsorships, please contact


Financial gifts help cover overhead expenses related to running the organization. Many individuals and businesses choose to make in-kind gifts or donate professional services which allow us to keep our overhead expenses low.