How can I become a member of Impact100 Nashville?

To join, or for more information about joining, visit the Membership page. You may pay by credit card or check, and may pay all at once or via monthly installments. Consult these FAQs for alternative payment methods.  Your membership is good for one year through November.

Can I make my membership donation with installment payments?

Yes, we now accept installment payments.  You may sign up anytime, but your full membership fee must be paid by May 31 in order to vote that year.  Here is what a payment schedule would look like:

# of payments Start End Amt/Mo
12 6/22 5/23 $100
10 8/22 5/23 $120
8 10/23 5/23 $150
6 12/22 5/23 $200
4 2/23 5/23 $300
2 4/23 5/23 $600

Please contact us at if you would like to enroll in a payment plan.

What is an Evergreen Member, and how do I become one?

Members who have pledged to renew their memberships annually are recognized as Evergreen Members in our promotional materials and with a special designation at in-person meetings.  These members agree to place a credit card on file with the Treasurer for annual membership payment on a date of their choice, but before May 31.  To sign up as an Evergreen Member, please contact

How long is my membership valid?

Each paid-in-full membership donation provides voting membership for the next calendar year. The membership year runs from November to November.  Members who pay after May 31 are eligible to participate in all member activities, but are not eligible to vote until the following year.

Are donations to Impact100 tax deductible?

Impact100 is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Depending on your tax status, contributions are tax-deductible for the year in which they were made. You will receive a statement of contribution from Impact100 Nashville with the amount of your donation. Please consult your tax advisor.

I want to give more than the required membership donation. Do I get more than one vote?

Although additional gifts are always welcome, each Member is limited to one vote per person per year. But you can prepay your membership for subsequent years and/or sponsor others to join.

If my employer or my spouse’s employer has a matching program, will you accept this donation?

Yes, you can double your impact. We gratefully accept employer matching gifts. Donations matching your membership contribution play an important role, as they are applied toward program and operating costs. Please submit a matching request for your donation to your or your spouse’s employer. Some employers will also provide matching donations for retirees.

What role is there for me if I don’t want to become a member?

We welcome “Sponsors and Friends of Impact 100” and are thrilled when an individual, foundation or corporation wants to help us through monetary or in-kind service donations. Although they do not provide voting rights, these donations help cover program and operating expenses that are essential to accomplishing our mission.